Saturday, December 1, 2012

Newborn Pics

Here are some of sweet Paige's newborn pictures! They turned out so good...especially for a baby who refused to sleep during the photo shoot:) Since she wouldn't sleep her eyes were wide open. Almost every time the flash went off she would make these really (I don't want to say ugly) but interesting faces with her eyes all scrunched together and she wouldn't sit still for the life of her haha but Shelbie Goff did an amazing job. We love the pictures and we love our baby!!!


Mrs. Barton said...

Love these so much! Love HER more!!!!

Team Allen said...

Can't believe how fast 3 months goes. Paige is so pretty she looks so much like you now, at first I thought she was totally Tyler now I think the opposite! I miss you! My mom said she cleaned your teeth today and you were as adorable as ever..not surprising at all. Love you guys, hope all is well :)

Team Allen said...

hha oops. How about you cleaned my Mom's teeth?? ps it reminded me of my first cleaning done by you--best cleaning I have ever had!! Loved every minute of the whole 3 hours?? 4 maybe?? haha never forget I was your very first patient.