Thursday, June 23, 2011


So my husband thinks that as soon as the month of May hits it is camping time...which in some geographical locations is true but let me attest that Rexburg Idaho is not one of those locations.  It's only June and we've been 4 times...3 of the 4 it rained or snowed.  Not my idea of perfect camping weather.

This weekend Joey and Kandace, our good friends from Utah, came up to Rexy to hang out with us.  We always rant and rave about how awesome Rexburg is and wanted to show them a good time.  So we decided to take them camping and four-wheeling at the sand dunes.  The forecast was suppose to be 80 degrees and sunny.  As soon as we got out to the sands it started raining and winding. Just our luck! So we played on the four-wheelers for a while, ate our tinfoil dinners, and retired to the camping trailer by 8:00.  Thanks heavens for Josh and Hayli's trailer that kept us warm while it rained the majority of the night.  It was still an awesome trip.  We didn't let the weather get us down.  We sat in the camper and talked, played games, watch Joe imitate the midget rapping with 50 cent, and laughed our guts out. Ty and I are grateful for awesome friends who will go camping with us even when it's rainy, windy, and cold! Thanks Kand and Joe for coming to play with us for the weekend!

Us girls in our sexy Walmart camo shirts!

Hayli and Josh

Kandace and Joey

Chillin in the camper
Our sweet rig! ( I guess Josh's sweet rig)