Sunday, October 2, 2011

Girl Time

A couple weeks ago my dear friend Rachel called to inform me that she was coming to REXBURG during conference weekend! I haven't seen her since her wedding a year and a half ago because she lives so far away in Canada.  Her sister Jenae..who is also my dear finishing up her last semester here at BYU-I. Jenae just got home a couple months ago from serving a mission in Japan. This weekend was the first time in two years that the three of us were all together...just like the good old days:)


Highlights of the weekend:

Late night talks. Tanning. Sage Day Spa. Waxing. Not waxing. Little Caesars. Conference. Fruit trays. Justin's wedding. Idaho Falls. Registering Jenae at Kohls for wedding. Big straw hats. $6 blue flats. Cafe Rio. Shrimp tacos. The Help. Smuggling drinks. Ring pops. Too much Dr. Pepper. Not sleeping. Laughing hard. Smiling lots.

Spending time with Rachel and Jenae this weekend reminded me of so many good memories. A lot has changes since the good old days at the Ridge but these two girls will be my friends forever. They are great examples to me and I am so grateful for their friendship.  I love you Rach...el and Jenae!

And when the wife's away the husband will play...

"I was slayin' ducks," says Tyler.