Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our lovely Summer

Somehow every year summer comes and then it goes...way too fast! At the start of summer I am always so excited and look forward to the fun things planned and before I know it I am looking back at wonderful memories and wondering how time cruised by so fast .  Usually this depresses me but this year only I have been okay with summer flying by because baby girl comes in the fall:) This summer was crazy...literally every weekend planned out before June even hit but it was totally worth running around all the time, sleeping in tents on the ground (super prego and uncomfortable), and not taking showers for days. The majority of weekends were spent at family reunions, camping, running the river, and being with the people we love.

4th of July BBQ

We spent 5 days on the Salmon river with my family

27 weeks

I love my husband!

It rained the last night and morning on the river

We had an awesome family reunion with Ty's family up by West Yellowstone. 
We also got a chance to go through the park. It was a blast!

All of Tyler's cousins

My cute cousin Kamrie got married at the beginning of August! 

While we were down in Utah for her wedding my sweet aunts and grandma threw my sister-in-law Kelsey and I a bridal/baby shower.  Thanks to all my family and friends who came and threw the shower. It was a blast!

Also that weekend we had a family reunion with my mom's family. We spent one day up at Snowbird. It was fun to be with the whole family. 

And to end our summer my brother Cole got married. It was a beautiful wedding. We love Kelsey and are so excited to have her be a part of our family.

So there is a little look into our summer.  I need to be better at taking pictures and also writing on this blog.  I am sure in the next couple weeks things will change because we will have a little sweetie to blog about.  Three and a half's kind of a scary thought.  Being pregnant has been an awesome experience but it has been the most physically challenging thing that I have ever done.  I pretty much have felt nauseous from morning until night. I remember being at 12 weeks and thinking that October would never come and there have been many times in the last 9 months that I seriously thought 40 weeks would never get here. Sometimes I kinda just wanted to give up...but that obviously wasn't an option and now I am glad that it wasn't an option because I made it through and we are almost there!  In just a few weeks we will get to hold this little bundle of joy and fall in love with everything about her! As excited as we are, I am now wishing time would slow down just a little.  I still have projects that I want to get done, baby stuff I need to get ready, and time I want to spend with Tyler...just the two of us.  I sometimes feel like a bad person because I am going to miss the time I spend with just my husband but I know that when baby girl comes we will wonder how we ever lived without her. Until then I will work on getting everything ready and get lots of good sleep because I hear that's hard to come by with a new little one!