Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cruisin' Mexico

Hot sunny days, sandy beaches, drinking pina coladas, and not worrying about school, work, or any other obligations back home. Sounds like a dream right? Well a couple weeks ago this all too often dreamed dream became a reality for us. Ty and I..along with our buddies...cruised on down to Mexico for 7 days.  INCREDIBLE is the word I choose to describe our trip! There are many highlights of that blissful week..I tried to narrow it down to the top 5 but had to make it top 6 instead!

Numero Seis: My first time ever in Sin City! Pathetic that I have never been to Vegas but I experienced it for my first time on the way to California.  I cannot say that I was super impressed by the's pretty dirty in more that one way..but it was cool to see all the chaos that goes on and now I can at least say I've been:)

Numero cinco: Singing karaoke with Hayli and Kandace...we are definitely horrible but if you can't tell we had a blast and that's really all that matters!

Numero quatro: The food in Mexico is amazing... especially the seafood. Everywhere we went Ty and I tried to eat as much authentic mexican food as we could. Shrimp tacos are our favorite! I may or may not have gained a pound..or two:)

 Numero tres: The beaches. Mexico has beautiful beaches that I could play on forever. There is something so simple and relaxing about being on a beach with the sun high in the sky and the waves rolling in. Life just seems to all make sense when your lying on the beach.

Numero dos: Ty and I did this cruise for our honeymoon.  We wanted to go again but this time with our friends.  We talked Hayli and Josh (Ty's sister and her husband) and Kandace and Joey (our good friends from Utah) into going with us. Cruises are meant for groups of people. There are numerous activities on the ship that are constantly going on.  It's fair to say that we hit up everything that we could. Kandace, Joe, Hayli, and Josh totally made the trip for us.  Thanks for coming guys! We may or may not already be planning the next trip:)

Numero UNO: My number one favorite thing about the trip was being with my husband.  Sometimes here at home we get so busy and stressed about the things that go on in life.  This trip was a good reminder that we NEED to relax and have a little more fun...kinda a vacation away from life. My husband is my number one...any day.

  I love you Ty! Thanks for taking me cruisin'!