Sunday, April 15, 2012

Springtime in St G

Last weekend Tyler and I hopped in the car with Terri, Josh, Hayli, and Blaykli and headed to St George for a weekend with Ty's grandparents. We left Rexburg Wednesday night at 6:00 pm and through a long series of events arrived in St George at 3:45 was the LONGEST drive..with many bathroom breaks:) 

On Thursday we visited Zions National Park. It had been a long time since I'd been to Zions and Tyler has never been. We enjoyed the day driving/hiking around the park and exploring the little town of Springdale. 

The rest of the week was spent golfing, shopping, eating, playing games, taking naps, and swimming. Sunday was Easter so we had a little Easter egg hunt for my niece Blaykli...she was in heaven!

 I love St George any time of year... especially in the spring. The weather was wonderful. Being outdoors was so needed. And spending time with family was the best part of it all. We are sure blessed with an awesome family!

My only request of the whole trip was that on our way home we try to find a Bajios so I could get a chicken green chili salad. I don't know if I believe in pregnancy cravings...I have never had them so I guess we'll see...but Bajio chicken green chili salad is one of the best things on the planet. There are only 4 Bajios left open in Utah and we stopped at one in Spanish Fork. Doesn't it look amazing?

On a different note..I am officially out of my first trimester! I am 14 weeks and counting.  This whole pregnancy thing has been a little different than I imagined it would.  I remember my mom being pregnant with my brother and sisters and I have been around friends and family members that have been pregnant and none of them really got sick.  So at week 6 when the nausea and vomiting started I had no idea what hit me! I was down and out for about 6 work or play or anything.  Just me, my bed, and the bathroom! Now at week 14 I only throw up sporadically but the sick feeling in my tummy is pretty much a constant. I am hopeful that the further I get into my second trimester the less nauseous I will feel:)

That paragraph sounds borderline depressing and doesn't portray the excitement around our house.  At first it was hard to be excited because all I felt was sickness.  One day I came across a talk that put things into perspective for me. It stated that the MOST significant thing women can do here on the earth is to have got me thinking that if having this baby is MORE significant than ANYTHING else I will do during my time here on earth that I can toughen up and do hard things:)  We can't wait for October seems so far away. We are grateful, nervous, excited, and scared to death about being parents but we know this little baby will be the best addition to our little family!

Starting to get a little thicker:) 

Our Easter weekend in St George was wonderful!
I'm sure being pregnant will get more wonderful!
And Ty my baby, you are wonderful!


Adam & Emily said...

Congrats! That is so exciting! You will be a great mom.

Ashley said...

Love this my cute cal. You guys will be great parents. Glad your feeling better..I was still waiting for that I feel better phone call!